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Records Management

  • Will my records be secure?
    • Yes. Our record centres are designed to store records. Our record centres are alarmed and monitored 24 hours a day. Our barcode tracking system allows you to know where your records are at all times.
  • How easy is it to retrieve my records?
    • You can request your records by e-mail or online with our web-based client program. We offer Next Day, Same Day and Priority Rush services and also 24 hour emergency delivery service.
  • How are we charged for records storage?
    • You are billed according to how many items you have in storage and the size of those items. You are only charged for the actual amount of storage space for your items and not a flat fee.
  • Can I request separate billing for different departments within our company?
    • Yes. If you need your invoice broken down by departments, we can easily do this. Also, by departmentalising your records, you can control which employees have access to specific records.
  • Can I manage my offsite records online?
    • Yes. Our secure web-based client program allows you to manage your records online. You can add information such as destruction dates and content information online. Also, you can run reports to help manage your records.

Digital Access Solutions

  • What are some of the benefits of digital imaging?
    • One of the main benefits of digital imaging is that it drastically reduces the time it takes to access your records. Digital imaging reduces your storage costs and space. Also, digital imaging is beneficial for companies that have multiple locations with several employees that need access to the same information.
  • Should all company documents be scanned?
    • No. It is not cost-effective to scan documents that are scheduled for destruction or documents that are not accessed frequently. Our staff will consult with you to determine which records should be scanned.
  • What type of records can be scanned?
    • We can scan a variety of documents and sizes, some of which include letter, legal and blueprints.
  • How will I determine how to index my records for digital imaging?
    • Indexing is key to the easy retrieval of electronic records. You should index your records according to the information that will be needed in order to retrieve the record. We can assist you in creating your indexing system. We offer customised indexing based on your company’s needs. Also, we offer an OCR option to help with the search and retrieval of your electronic records.
  • Once scanned will I be able to access my records via the web?
    • Yes. We offer a customised, web-based document management program for instant access to your records.

Shredding and Destruction

  • Why should my company use a shredding service instead of shredding the information ourselves?
    • Using our shredding services saves you time and money. Office shredders can take several labour hours to shred all the documents that you need to be shredded. Plus, our shredding services save you the cost of the shredder and its maintenance, and also the office space a shredder would take up.
  • How often should I use shredding services?
    • How often you use shredding services will depend on your company’s specific needs. We offer several options for our shredding services from a one time purge to a regularly scheduled pick-up. Also, we can customise your services if you have multiple locations.
  • Do you provide a Certificate of Destruction?
    • Yes. Once your confidential information is securely shredded, we provide you with a Certificate of Destruction.
  • Do you only shred paper documents?
    • No. We also shred media including CD’s, DVD’s, backup tape and hard drives. Also, we can destroy and recycle your electronic office equipment.
  • If we have items in your records centre that are scheduled for destruction, are they automatically destroyed?
    • No. We will not shred any of your records in our records centre until the request is given in writing by an authorised person.

Data Protection Services

  • What are some of the advantages to sending my media offsite?
    • If you use our media vault services you will have peace of mind that in the event of a technical or natural disaster, your valuable information will be protected and recoverable. Also, our tape rotation services help to make certain that your data is updated on a regular basis.
  • How secure is your media vault?
    • Our media vault is monitored with video surveillance 24 hours a day. We use the strictest access features such as keypad controls and biometric fingerprint scanners.
  • Is your staff trained to handle media?
    • Yes. Our media vault staff are specially trained on the proper procedures for handling and transporting confidential media.
  • What sort of technology is used to track my media?
    • We use barcodes to organise and track all media stored in our vault. With our web-based client program, you can go online to manage your offsite media, request services, or run reports.
  • What if I need my information in the middle of the night?
    • You have access to your media 24 hours a day. Emergency delivery is available.