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Storage solutions

Your archives within reach

OASIS offers much more than just storage space. The OASIS archiving solutions provide you with fast, easy access to your archives, anywhere. The structure of your archives is optimised so that you may manage them more efficiently and professionally. You can synchronise your physical and digital archive records and thus create more continuity in your data flow. You can consult and request archive records via a secure web application. The Oasis Online information management system allows you to be in control of your document processes at all times so that you can be sure of a thorough follow-up and management of your costs.

OASIS has the most suitable and cost-effective solution for each type of archive.

The OASIS “Deep Storage” concept for static archives

Approximately 60% of all archives are static. They are seldom consulted and only stored in order to comply with possible compliance rules or legally defined retention periods. For additional savings on the storage costs of static archives, OASIS has introduced a new and unique concept to the market: “Deep Storage”. Hereby, box files are stacked on to pallets and stocked in fully automated high bay warehouses. Depending on their size, 30 to 40 box files can be stacked on to one pallet. That is the reason why the OASIS Deep Storage concept is not only unique but particularly economical as well.

Semi-static archives

Approximately 30% of all archives are semi-static and consist of files that are sporadically consulted and requested. Semi-static archives are stored at binder or box level in rooms that are especially designed for this purpose so that they are easily accessible whenever you need them. Semi-static archives are generally stored for a period of 2 to 4 years before they are destroyed or transferred to the static Deep Storage archive for the remaining duration of the retention period.

Dynamic archives

In practice, only 10% of all archives turn out to be dynamic, resulting in 70% of all consultations. OASIS registers and manages these dynamic archives at file level so that they are very rapidly (physically or digitally) accessible upon your request. On average, files are stored in the dynamic archive for a period of one to two years.

The benefits for you:

  • Time and cost saving: You can spend the time lost searching for information on activities that truly contribute to your net income;
  • Space saving: You can free up and reallocate expensive office space.
  • Efficient: You can keep track of, and optimise, the exchange of knowledge between your staff members, enabling them to make quick informed decisions;
  • Safe: You can rely on stringent safety measures concerning the detection, prevention and combating of events such as burglary and fire.

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