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Reduce overhead costs

For manufacturers reducing your overhead costs is essential.

At OASIS we know that it is imperative for manufacturers to reduce overhead costs. Our services help to increase labour productivity and provide quick access to your information when you need it. Our cost effective solutions provide the savings that will reduce overhead costs and be beneficial to you in the long run.

Manage a variety of records and information

When dealing with a variety of records and information, it can be challenging to adhere to a records retention schedule.

Manufacturers manage a large variety of records and information from employee records to quality assurance records. Because each type of record should be kept for a different length of time, it can be challenging to adhere to a retention schedule. With OASIS information management solutions, you will be able to set up different departments for each type of record and also identify when each of those records are ready for secure shredding making your records management program run more smoothly.

Tracking software that establishes chain of custody

With our services you will know where your information is at all times and who has accessed your information.

Our records and information software program operates using scanners that track each and every time your information is touched. Plus, with our web based customer program, you can run reports and order services online, making it more convenient to manage your records.

Please contact us to safely manage and store your confidential documents.