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Sensible Industry Alternatives

storage solutions in healthcare industryReduce costs with efficient Records & Information Management (RIM) solutions.

Providing excellent care and ensuring patient privacy have always been paramount goals for healthcare organisations. OASIS works with hospitals, medical centres, independent physicians groups and insurance providers to deliver efficient RIM programs that reduce costs and help clients manage their healthcare information.



Healthcare Information Expertise

Industry leadership in developing RIM best practices.

OASIS provides all Team Members with comprehensive training to ensure proper handling and delivery of healthcare information. We have established standard operating procedures for all of our RIM programs to help healthcare organisations comply with security and privacy requirements.  OASIS Senior Management is actively involved within the commercial information management trade organisation, PRISM International, to develop industry wide best practices to meet the changing demands of healthcare information management.

Transitioning Digital Solutions

Gain control over your organisation’s data and patient’s medical records.

OASIS has developed services and technology to aid the Healthcare industry in gaining control over their organisation’s data and patient’s medical records. As hospitals and physicians consider adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHR), OASIS is able to help in that transition with our wide range of digital and web based document management solutions.

Please contact us for having your medical documents securely managed.