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Data backup solutions

Secure your valuable data!

The continuity of your organization is largely dependent on the digital data stored on your servers or storage systems. When an unexpected situation occurs, backup tapes are often the last resort. Secure remote storage of your backup tapes is therefore of the utmost importance to protect your business.

Tape rotation service

Our backup tape rotation service guarantees a safe handling of your backup process. OASIS has dedicated transport for the delivery and retrieval of each tape or disk. In this way, there can be connected to each backup schedule. Even if you use multiple backup generations.

Transport in secure suitcases

OASIS transports the backup tapes in locked suitcases specifically designed for data tapes. These secure suitcases can only be opened by authorized people..

Transport with GPS

OASIS transports your backup tapes in air-conditioned and GPS tracked and secured vehicles. The location of your backup tapes is always traceable. Due to advanced sensors on the doors and rear of the vehicle OASIS knows exactly how long a door or cover has been left open and at exactly which address.


In case of an emergency our trained and screened OASIS staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At OASIS your valuable data is protected and secured to the highest standards possible.

For additional information or to request an obligation-free consultation with one of our specialists, please use our contact form.