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Data & backup storage

Did you know that?

  • 40% of companies need to stop their activities when they cannot recover tapes within 72 hours of a serious emergency?
  • data on a backup tape stored at 48°C is already in danger and at 52 °C will largely be lost?
  • in many companies the valuable backup tapes are taken home by one of the staff members? This could be disastrous for a company if the tape is left in conditions which could be damaging to the data.
  • professional management and long - term storage of your backup tapes should be part of your business continuity plan?

Optimum protection

OASIS stores your backup tapes in fully air-conditioned and controlled conditions. OASIS data vault specifications meet the highest standards that are known worldwide. Your backup tapes are accessible only under strict conditions, but they are always retrievable. The availability of information on your backup tapes is guaranteed if the correct access conditions are met.

Protection against fire and moisture

The OASIS data vault is protected against fire or water. In case of fire outside the vault contents will remain intact for 120 minutes.
Moreover, the data vault can withstand large amounts of firewater. Fire inside the data vault is immediately managed with an extremely modern, harmless and environmentally friendly gas extinguishing system.

OASIS is set up to be a “Disaster Recovery Centre” and features a special, high security vault for the storage and management of, among other things:

  •     Data cartridges
  •     Back-ups
  •     CD-Roms / DVDs
  •     Microfilms
  •     Formulas
  •     Concepts
  •     Drawings

This makes use of a management tool that is identical to the OASIS Online Information Management System. The entering of data takes place by means of bar codes and can be done on different levels: per piece or by case.

The so-called vault management with exchange program is supported by a daily courier service. All vehicles are equipped with electronic climate control and the necessary devices for scanning, so that the transfer can be formalised on site and synchronised immediately.

For additional information or to request an obligation-free consultation with one of our specialists, please use our contact form.